Welcome to Your Success is Mine!

Hi! I am so happy you found this site! My name is Tim Bowden and I'm the founder of Your Success is Mine.


You may be brand new to MLM , Network marketing, building a Home Business.. or you may be an old pro. Either way I welcome you and hope this site provides some insight into the industry and helps you reach your dreams.

I will be presenting you with totally free content that you will be able to copy and share to your hearts content. It's what I'm calling "Open Source Network Marketing". Basically my goal is to share with you what I have learned over the years. Different tequniques that you might want to try. The thing is that there is no one way for you to run or work your business. So, with that in mind I will try to give you as many options and ways of following those options as I possibly can. And, in the spirit of keeping this "Open Source" I would like to invite you, fellow network marketers, to share your experiences, tips and tricks.

So.. you want to work from home?

So you want to be a network marketer.. eh? You'd like to have your own home based business? Be your own Boss? Let's explore that possibility and give you a little background as to what this site is all about. 

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Setting Goals

Hey there!

The Setting Goals page is underdevelopment and should be up in the next few days! be sure to check back, or better yet, subscribe to the My Success is Yours newsletter and I will let you know once it's been posted!

Thanks so much for your patience!


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